Breast reduction : is done to reduce the symptoms caused by large, heavy breasts, and to improve proportion. The surgery -

  • removes breast tissue to reduce volume and weight
  • lifts and repositions the remaining breast gland
  • lifts and repositions the nipple and areola, which must often be made smaller
  • removes excess skin.

Breast reduction requires incisions to be made around the areola, straight downwards, and along the crease under the breast. Glandular tissue and fat are removed and the breast reshaped. The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and takes 2-3 hours. An overnight stay is usual.

Pain medication is required for about 1 week, and bra fitting can be done in the second week. Return to work is possible at 10 - 14 days.

Scars are permanent, but they continue to fade with time and become less conspicuous.

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