Breast enlargement surgery increases breast size by inserting a silicone gel implant behind the breast. The surgery is done to enlarge naturally small breasts, and to restore lost volume e.g. after breast feeding or weight loss.

This year, 2020, I will no longer see new patients wanting augmentation for the first time.

I will continue to see patients with implants who seek the
following treatment :

  •   Revision for complications e.g. implant rupture, capsule contracture …
  •   Implant removal – e.g. deterioration of cosmetic result, anxiety about the risk of lymphoma (ALCL), concern about “breast implant illness”.
  •   Just not wanting the implants anymore.

The operation is done under general anaesthetic (asleep) and takes 1 - 2 hours. Sometimes patients request a lift and reshaping of the breast at the same operation. However the degree of simultaneous reshaping is limited when implants are removed, and it is often safer to leave any remodelling for a second procedure some months later.

Patients stay in hospital for 1 night, and go home the next day. Pain medication may be required for up to 1 week, but this is very variable. Return to work is possible at 7 - 10 days. There will always be a visible scar, but scars do continue to fade with time and become less noticeable.

Silicon areola incision Silicon under breast incision